Kinesio Taping

What is Kinesio Taping?

The Kinesio Taping Method is a taping technique applied over muscles to reduce pain and inflammation, relax overused muscles, and to facilitate muscles in movement. Because Kinesio Tape is a non-restrictive, highly elastic type of tape, it allows for full range of motion and function, unlike traditional sports tape. It provides stabilization and support during not only sporting events, but during daily activity also. Kinesio Tape is a multifaceted technique that can be used to treat any injury head to toe!
“A Longer Lasting Effect”
Kinesio Tape is a “light modality”. In rehabilitative applications it works continuously and can provide an additional 2-3 day relief after therapy. Kinesio Tape does not mask symptoms, but instead promotes healing in a variety of ways. Because your therapist can not provide treatment and a hands on approach to you at all times, Kinesio Taping is like having healing hands to put on the injured area 24-7.

What Type of Pain or Injury Can Be Treated By Kinesio Taping Therapy?

  •     Pre and Post Surgery
  •     Sprains and Strains
  •     Sports & Orthopedic Injuries
  •     Back and Neck Pain
  •     Arthritis Swelling
  •     Lymphodema
  •     Postural Dysfunction
  •     Prenatal and Postnatal
  •     Pregnancy Instability            

*Also patients with: limited range of motion, inflexibility, difficulty walking and chronic pain

    Relieve acute and overuse injury
    Promote circulation and healing
    Reduce pain
    Improve muscle function
    Re-educate neuromuscular system

    Reduce inflammations                          
    Decrease lymph oedema
    Decrease haematoma
    Influence range of motion
    Improve proprioception
    Correct posture
    Correct fascia
    Provide support to a joint
    Prevent injury


Some examples of treatments: Acute Shoulder Injury, Impingement Syndrome, Frozen Shoulder, Neck Pains, Bursitis olecrani, Epicondylitis, Carpal-Tunnel-Syndrome, Rip Fracture, Hernia lumbalis, Coxarthrosis, Chondromalacie patellae, Gonarthrosis, Hallux valgus, Limps Stabilization, Muscles detonizing and tonizing, Neuralgia, etc.


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