Joint mobilization

Joint mobilization is a manual therapeutic treatment technique used to manage musculoskeletal dysfunction. It fosters movement in stagnant tissues and joints. Mobilization uses massage to break down scar tissue and restrictions that are typically associated with trauma to the soft tissue such as a strained muscle or pulled ligament.
By re-introducing small amounts of pressure to the affected area, the rate and amount of blood flow increases in and around the area due to the temporary inflammation. Mobilization is based on the theory that the manual manipulation will help initiate and promote the healing process of the affected soft tissues.


What problems can Mobilization and Manipulation help ?
Joint mobilization technique is indicated in cases of joint dysfunction, due to restriction of accessory joint motion causing pain or restriction of motion during normal physiological movement. The most common of these include :

  •     Joint capsular or ligamentous tightness or adherence e.g. Shoulder pain, Frozen  shoulder
  •     Internal derangement in joints, e.g. cartilaginous loose body or meniscus displacement of knee
  •     Reflex muscle guarding e.g. muscle strain
  •     Bony blockage in joints, e.g. hypertrophic degenerative changes
  •     Stiff spine
  •     Degenerative spines and joints
  •     Post-traumatic spines and joints e.g. Acute sprain back
  •     Acute and chronic low back pain e.g. Prolapsed intervertebral disk
  •     Acute and chronic neck pain
  •     Acute wry neck
  •     Headache and vertigo due to neck spinal problems




We have Certified Manual Therapists who are experts in mobilization technique.