Correct Body Alignment Program




By using Biomechanics Assessments we can achieve that......

Biomechanics is the study of forces acting upon the structures of the body. Certain types of foot motion, poor alignment and muscular imbalances can lead to excessive movement which may result in pain in the lower limb, hip pain, ankle pain, heel pain, ball of foot pain, knee pain & lower back pain.




Who can benefit from this program:

  • People with chronic pain
  • People who might not have any pain but they just want to improve their posture and perform better because they are in the public eye.

This program is 100% natural, gentle appropriate exercises program designed for the client/patient based on health history, posture/body alignment, goals and abilities, aiming to restore the body proper muscular skeletal system, utilizing up to date tools in our measurments.


  • 6   sessions
  • 12 sessions

We have certifide Biomechanical Evaluation and Body alignment therapist from  (The University of Missouri–St. Louis USA) the leaders in posture & body alignment.


After evaluation the assigned therapist will discuss with the patient the most beneficial and acceptable execise patterns to the patient.