TMJ Dysfunction-Jaw Pain or Clicking

TMJ Dysfunction-Jaw Pain or Clicking
Temporomandibular Joint Pain
Jaw pain is often caused by faulty movements of the temporomandibular joints; commonly known as the TMJ.
If your jaw clicks, locks, grates or is painful you are probably experiencing TMJ dysfunction (TMD). TMD can even be a source of headaches felt in the temporal region.
At our center we can assess your jaw (TMJ) function and inform you whether your jaw issue or headache is TMJ related or not. Amazingly, a lot of the supposed TMJ dysfunction issues are actually caused by stiff neck joints. No wonder the bite plate didn't work!
What are the Common TMJ Dysfunctions?

  • TMJ Dysfunction - Opening

Most TMJ dysfunction that occurs results in an inability to open your jaw normally, fully and evenly (left vs right). Luckily nearly all opening dysfunctions respond extremely quickly and favorably to physiotherapy assessment and intervention since teeth occlusion is not an issue.

  • TMJ Dysfunction - Closing

Closing dysfunction can be due to biota teeth occlusion and an inability of the TMJ to close normally. If the problem is simply a stiff joint or poor muscle timing then physiotherapy treatment will be very successful. However, if teeth occlusion issues are discovered, then you will be referred to a dental surgeon for a bite occlusion assessment.